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The Longest Day EVER


DEAR ALL PEOPLE WHO WISH SCHOOL WAS OVER, On normal days, I blankly go through my days, and everything seems like a blur. I know people will argue with me, but for me, the school day goes by quickly. Until today. Imagine walking through a swamp of super thick peanut butter and the thing you’ve been […]

Wake Up Early!!!


Hi to all the viewers… I have something to tell you urgently. WAKE UP EARLY!!! Being the early bird will grant you worms or in other words, if you don’t have the appetite for that, waking up early is very beneficial. I mean I cannot tell you what to do and sure, it is great […]



“Hate. It has caused a lot of problems in this world, but still not solved one yet” Maya Angelou Now, before you click off this title, please come and read this blog post. I know it might not be like others, but I think it’s very important. Let’s start with thoughts about hate. When I […]



In Scotland, we have a house up in the North, where beautiful forests and treed hills surround the home. In the Autumn, the view is absolutely gorgeous, it isn’t too hot nor cold, the birds sing their song, and the trees take colors of orange, golden and green. Every day in Scotland I would walk […]

The best day EVER?


We all have those days where we are tired, exhausted and pretty much don’t want to do anything but lay on your bed and eat food. Yeah, I knew it. Well here are the steps to make your day better; Step 1: The night before your early wake-up, remember to ask your parents to dump a […]

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Let Me Educate You


Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination. Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination. Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination.Procrastination. … It couldn’t hurt to just finish this YouTube video, right? … Uhh. Holy mother of Cow! I’ve got 3 minutes to write a substantial blog that doesn’t look as though it’s been done by a drugged up 5 year old. Actually it has to sound like that or else it won’t […]

TISA’s (not-so) Amazing Lunch


Lunch is such an important part of the day, especially for students. After a tiring morning of school with work, and work, and more work, I think that we can all agree that we deserve a quality lunch. Yep, lunch. Lunch is a meal eaten in the middle of the day, that is typically lighter […]

Hold up- Are they Actually Useful?


Ok, so today we are writing blogs just like any other English class. But today, we are using an actual pencil and paper. Yes. Those things you use in math class. (This blog was hand written but I then had to type it up). Anyways, I know some people are just so excited to start […]

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Memes have taken over Instagram


Okay, firstly everybody reading this will most probably know what a meme is, because I mean come on we are in the 21st century with flat-screen TVs and electric toothbrushes. Ok fine, for those who don’t know what one is, the proper definition of a meme stated by the Google dictionary is an image, video, […]

Is it Really THAT Important?


Homework. Schoolwork that a pupil is required to do at home. Hands up, if you actually enjoy it. Ok, I thought so. No one really enjoys homework including myself. I calculated the amount of time we spend daily at TISA, and it adds up to a total of 7 hrs and 5 mins. I know […]

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The Anatomy of a Pencil Sharpener


Out comes the short black and yellow pencil with the red end from the pencil case, covered in pencil shavings. Out comes the red pencil sharpener with the loose hinges, filled with pencil shavings. In goes the dull tip of the short black and yellow pencil with the red tip. Crunch goes the bottom of […]

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Just Admit it Already…


Blogs…blogging, posting, reading and then repeating that all over again. Hello, fellow classmates we all (whether we choose to admit it or not) at least dislike blogging,  at least a little bit. Come on, writing a new blog almost every class has to be at somehow a bit annoying right, I mean we barely get […]

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Take it and place it


Hungry, zebra, long, bottle, ketchup Have you ever eaten zebra before?! I have (that is also the reason why I have almost been murdered by my best friend). It was a long time ago but I still remember the delicious taste of it. We went to a Chinese buffet restaurant near my grandparent’s house in Wilhelms Haven in […]

Blogging Sucks


Yeah, Yeah you heard it. Blogs Suck. Do you know the reason? No, probably not because   you are reading this blog. So, let me tell you. Blogs suck because literally nobody blogs. Ok Ok, there are famous authors and poets but come on,  nobody REAL or INTERESTING  blogs. Blogging is a stupid form that […]

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Word Count


In class, we watched a trailer for a movie called word count. Here is a description of the film: In a dystopian world where people only have a certain number of words to speak in their lifetime. A little girl named Noor who loves to talk is haunted by her four remaining words. A being called Mama, is the […]

The Worst Part of School


Competition. There are no academic challenges to motivate students to be better than others, the fact that we cannot share our grades because they are ‘private’ is ridiculous.  We need competitions to encourage one another to be better. Many students don’t care about their learning because they don’t understand the future problems it would cause. If […]

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Stonepay: The America you Know and Love


  I had know idea what Stonepay would be like when I moved to Baku seven months ago, nor did I come in with any real expectations of how it would feel and what vibe it would give off. But one thing I did not expect was how surprising similar  some of the details of […]

Walls are a part of you and your life


In my opinion, walls are a hugely important part of life. I will start with the importance of the visual walls of your own house. Firstly the walls are for privacy. This will probably sound weird and silly but if I would like to shower and just had a curtain between me and the street […]

All About Ruby!


Hi, I’m Ruby! I am 13 years old and I’m from Utah, USA. I love lots of things, but one of my favorites is my dogs. At home, I have 2 dogs. I love playing tug-of-war with them and watching them play together. I also LOVE basketball. I am on the CEESA Middle School team […]

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