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The lunch I adore – Formative


Up until I was about 6 I loved to eat school lunch and the aroma and fresh scent of the food reminded me of an ice cream stand on a summer day. Once when I was in P4 I was going to the lunch hall with all of my friends and there was an Item […]

Weird dream jobs


When I was about six years old I started dancing ballet and  my dream was to be a Ballet Dancer. However,  that has changed enormously since then.  After six years, in Croatia,  my father got a new job and we moved. That’s when I started gymnastics. I went to competitions and even won medals with […]

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50 seconds of life


“….and smiiiiilllle! ” It was the 20th of February and the kids from TISA stood in front of the playground for a group foto. “Wow! This picture is perfect, you can go.” the cameraman Mr. Scoll announced, “Steven, look at this picture. The sun’s shining right from the very top left.” You probably have experienced these situations […]

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In the Elevator . . .


It was a Saturday, and my friends were invited to my house. Aria, Elisa, Layla, Lucy and I were coming up in the elevator just after watching IT in the cinema. We all thought that all the scariness was over, but it was just starting. I lived on the 26th floor, so it took us […]

Anything worth knowing cannot be learned


I think that this statement is really deep because people cannot teach you something; they can explain it to you however, they cannot do everything for you,  as you have  got to experience for yourself. This statement is true. For example in the CEESA Speech and Debate, I could not feel the experience of being […]

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In Scotland, we have a house up in the North, where beautiful forests and treed hills surround the home. In the Autumn, the view is absolutely gorgeous, it isn’t too hot nor cold, the birds sing their song, and the trees take colors of orange, golden and green. Every day in Scotland I would walk […]

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Stonepay: The America you Know and Love


  I had know idea what Stonepay would be like when I moved to Baku seven months ago, nor did I come in with any real expectations of how it would feel and what vibe it would give off. But one thing I did not expect was how surprising similar  some of the details of […]

WAKE UP EARLY!!!!!!!!!


Hi to all the viewers… I have something to tell you urgently. WAKE UP EARLY!!! Being the early bird will grant you worms or in other words, if you don’t have the appetite for that, waking up early is very beneficial. I mean I cannot tell you what to do and sure, it is great […]

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