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TISA’s Nail in the Coffin


With the brand new installation of a coffee machine in the TISA cafeteria, many have rejoiced in the fact of free hot chocolate, and have quickly switched their opinions about TISA’s underrated lunch options. What the students of the secondary school fail to realize is that every thing has a price, and it’s not always […]

Lunch: Why Do I Love It So Much?


DEAR ALL PEOPLE WHO ARE HUNGRY, I LOVE lunch. It is at the perfect time because it is right after your breakfast has stopped giving you energy. If I could pick my favorite meal of the day, I would pick lunch. For me, it is at a time where you can relax. You aren’t in […]

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Lunch for life


“Why would you do that!? That’s just a waste.” “Ja. Let’s go to the cafeteria.” It was 11:46. My friend and I went down to the lunch hall to get the lunch of the day. We walked past the M2 and M4 lockers, down the stairs and straight to the lunch ticket printer. I was […]

Kroust -ys TISA


Lunch Prandium Almurezo Обед Mittagessen 午餐 ランチ Le déjeuner Pranzo Masa de pranz Lón   Which ever continent, nation, country, island or place you may be from, let me be clear in stating that, you all know what lunch is. Whether it’s a bothersome occurrence that hinders your daily lives or a luxury you ravish, you all […]

The Best Mac’ N’ Cheese Recipe


So you have probably have heard about Mac’ n’ Cheese but how do you make it? Everybody has different recipes for it from Gordon Ramsey to Rhianna, but today I am going to share my own recipe. If you follow every single step, one by one,  you should get the best Mac’ n’ Cheese in […]

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My Ultimate Sandwhich


So guys, as you know everybody likes sandwiches but everybody has a kind of their own. Some people like Peanut Butter and some people just put meat and cheese. My favorite sandwich is actually the ultimate. SO , here’s  the recipe: Materials: 1 Plastic bag in any size 30 g of Reese’s Puffs 2 Sandwich […]

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School Lunch Makes Me Gag


School lunch is just utterly distasteful and disgusting and if you tried it then you would know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong,  I do think that there are schools with good lunch but this is not the case in TISA. TISA somehow has managed to make the food so bad that I would […]

My Dream Lunch


Ok, so I started lunch by going to the cafeteria. I was sad again because I was so negative about the lunch tasting bad. I went to the computer and got my ticket. I got Chicken Kalbasa and Juice. But when I went to get my lunch I learned that there was no Kalbasa but a different […]

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TISA’s (not-so) Amazing Lunch


Lunch is such an important part of the day, especially for students. After a tiring morning of school with work, and work, and more work, I think that we can all agree that we deserve a quality lunch. Yep, lunch. Lunch is a meal eaten in the middle of the day, that is typically lighter […]



  My ideal lunch would be sitting atop the hill that my house is on in Scotland. The view consists of many hills with golden, red, orange and green trees, a clear and blue sky. The temperature is just perfect, not too cold, nor hot, and the air is so thin and clean, it has […]

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A Varied Menu


Lunch, we all have it or at least have a lunch break. We all are from different places and eat many different foods from a subway sandwich to traditional dolma. How do you eat lunch? Watching the latest episode of your favorite tv show or sitting at a table discussing sports with your mates? Take […]

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TISA, You’re Spoiling us


For almost every year before coming to TISA, I had one thing for lunch. A sandwich. Every single day it was the same sandwich. Now, I always enjoyed my daily ham and cheese sandwich, but after eating it for about nine or ten months in a row, I couldn’t help but think that maybe, somewhere […]

‘High quality Lunch’ they say


  Hm…When you hear the word lunch the first thing that comes to your mind is the meal after breakfast and before dinner. Lunch, in general, is a time of the day where you eat light food. At least for me, it is that way. I do not like heavy lunch because after having a […]

TISA’s Most Traumatising Place


Lunchtime, my favourite time of school. As much as I love lunch, I hate the school cafeteria. I’ve only tried cafeteria food once, and never again. Now, if I had to be honest, I think the cafeteria food is getting better and better by the time, I wouldn’t say that it’s gotten good enough for […]

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Escaped From “THE CANTEEN”


FOOD. Ahhh…. Paradise! Heaven! Everyone loves food, eating. But while mentioning it’s never mentioned; I like eating lunch, I like eating breakfast, I like eating dinner, and it’s just because everyone “WE LOVE EATING”. That’s how much we love food. But, mentally, lunch is the most important meal of the day to a human being […]

The school cafeteria has absolutely AWFUL lunch!


In most schools lunch is great and people happily wait in line knowing that the food was going to be good. But in TISA that is slightly different. By far Lunch is the best meal of the day, mainly because it could basically be anything ranging from a sandwich to pizza. However, this is certainly not the case […]

The lunch I adore – Formative


Up until I was about 6 I loved to eat school lunch and the aroma and fresh scent of the food reminded me of an ice cream stand on a summer day. Once when I was in P4 I was going to the lunch hall with all of my friends and there was an Item […]

TISA’s Dreadful Cafeteria


Lunch. Yes, I am talking about the meal eaten in the middle of the day, usually lighter and less formal than dinner, a later meal in the day. L-U-N-C-H, my favourite time of the day. Just under an hour and twenty minutes ago, I ate lunch at The International School of Azerbaijan with my best […]

Kiwi more like Kieeewwwwwwww….


I have one question that no one can answer… no, it is not how the world started… or is god real or not… it is how in the bloody hell anyone likes kiwis. I am sorry to people who like the fruit ( if it can be called as one) but it is super bitter 90% […]

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Life Would Be Terrible If We Didn’t Have Reese’s Puffs


Life would be terrible without Reese’s Puffs. Come on guys,  everybody likes Reese’s Puffs. I understand the people who have allergies to peanuts but if you don’t have allergies how can you live without PUFFS?. It tastes great with milk and without milk. Reese’s is a brand that combines chocolate and Peanut Butter together to make delicious […]

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