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Ode to My Hoodie


What I have is a hoodie An old worn out hoodie It has been through battles Battles I have won And battles I have lost It is as black as night And on the inside, it’s as red as wine On one arm there is a flag A flag of the country where I live On the other […]

Funny Jokes For April Fools’


So today is April fools’ and everybody is going next to other people and telling them stupid jokes that actually make sense. Some examples to annoy your friends and make them laugh at the same time: The graveyard was really full, people must be dying to get there. Why is the math notebook sick? Because […]

The vinegar was too sharp


It was a warm Friday afternoon when Oscar decided to go outside and get some fresh air.   He was walking around the beautiful streets of Milan when a strange guy came over to him from behind and grabbed him saying, “Coe we mii ma frand. vieni con me, amico mio.” Oscar was confused and […]

2054 School reunion (PARODY)


I POSTED THIS BASED ON THE MAJORITY OF THE SURVEY if you think your going to be offended don’t read this. Just to put this  out there,  this is a JOKE and it  is not serious in any way. Please do not take it personally for what is being said a is not SERIOUS. We all walk into […]

Memes have taken over Instagram


Okay, firstly everybody reading this will most probably know what a meme is, because I mean come on we are in the 21st century with flat-screen TVs and electric toothbrushes. Ok fine, for those who don’t know what one is, the proper definition of a meme stated by the Google dictionary is an image, video, […]

The indigestable school lunch.


Today was the strangest day of my life! I was just having lunch with my friends in the cafeteria.  Most of my friends had rice and curry but I, on the other hand, chose french fries and meat in the mushroom sauce. It was really interesting as we were just talking about random stuff going […]

The first Pure man who is pregnant – Click to read more


Did you know that recently scientists discovered a male carrying a baby? The fetus was a measly 1 inch long and he was only 1 week pregnant. Scientists are still working on how this is possible but they are still uncertain. People all over the globe are completely flabbergasted by this natural phenomenon. The male was found in […]

Word Count


In class, we watched a trailer for a movie called word count. Here is a description of the film: In a dystopian world where people only have a certain number of words to speak in their lifetime. A little girl named Noor who loves to talk is haunted by her four remaining words. A being called Mama, is the […]

Some Jokes/Puns to try on your Friends


These are some jokes/puns that I tell my friend’s. But my Friends think that they are lame jokes when I think that they’re amazing jokes and they’re very funny as well. Funny Jokes/puns How did the telephone maker propose to his girlfriend Answer: He gave her a ring *Note: this is a note from a friend of the person that […]

Reasons why vines are the best


Vines took over the world in 2015 and then died in 2016. There were varieties of the most hilarious videos of people failing at stuff, comedy, relatable posts and such. Vines keep people entertained all the time. When you are bored and have nothing to watch, you just search up the best vines and watch. […]

Believer, and Imagine Dragons, is the Worst Thing is the History of Things ever Written and Created by Mankind


So I, Laszlo the Flawless Lawless, like listening and playing music, and in my free time, I might listen to a song I like, and then attempt to replicate in on the violin. There are song writers and bands I like such as Queen, Billy Joel, The Dubliners, really any Irish song, and some other […]

Word count


I think that the trailer of this movie was really good and engaging, and now I really want to see the movie. The trailer didn’t show much about what would happen or who she is but that can be good in sometimes such as this time because it makes people really curious and impatient about […]

Is TFUE Hacking?


No guys, Tfue is not hacking don’t worry. CloakZ told everyone he was banned from using in-game glitches. So let’s go back a bit. Tfue is a professional gamer who has a lot of followers in Twitch. When Tfue started to play Fortnite he was better than a lot of other people which made a […]

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