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Your Step by Step Guide on How to Procrastinate


PROCRASTINATION. 1 word. 1 Big word. Ok, ok, I know… We are all guilty of this. We are in M2 and there are times when we have summative after summative after summative. It makes (at least me) stressed out trying to make sure English is handed in on time, and I&S is handed in on […]

The New Coffee Machine


People say that the new free coffee machine now gives free hot chocolate. People  say it gives white hot chocolate. People say it gives tea. People say it gives coffee, though I have only seen the back of it. I say that this coffee machine will distract some students from class time. I say that with […]

The New COFFEE machine in the TISA Canteen


So guys as you all know that there is a new coffee machine in the TISA canteen.  Today was the first day back from the holidays and the next thing I saw when leaving the canteen is this unbelievably huge line just to get that hot chocolate or whatever. As one if my peers (Ali […]



Ok, maybe I over-exaggerated. I don’t pay taxes, my parents do, and I for sure believe TISA does not get any tax money. What I am really talking about is the fact that they added a FREE coffee machine. I mean if it was a machine that cost money then yes, it would make a […]

TISA’s Nail in the Coffin


With the brand new installation of a coffee machine in the TISA cafeteria, many have rejoiced in the fact of free hot chocolate, and have quickly switched their opinions about TISA’s underrated lunch options. What the students of the secondary school fail to realize is that every thing has a price, and it’s not always […]

F- Good Job!


Grades, such a stupid thing, so dumb, so stupid. Ok I am starting to repeat myself, but I want to make this clear for everyone whether they agree or disagree, grades are flawed for many reasons, and I am about to list 5, no not 6 or 4 exactly 5! Because according to teachers that […]

Kroust -ys TISA


Lunch Prandium Almurezo Обед Mittagessen 午餐 ランチ Le déjeuner Pranzo Masa de pranz Lón   Which ever continent, nation, country, island or place you may be from, let me be clear in stating that, you all know what lunch is. Whether it’s a bothersome occurrence that hinders your daily lives or a luxury you ravish, you all […]

School Lunch Makes Me Gag


School lunch is just utterly distasteful and disgusting and if you tried it then you would know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong,  I do think that there are schools with good lunch but this is not the case in TISA. TISA somehow has managed to make the food so bad that I would […]

2054 School reunion (PARODY)


I POSTED THIS BASED ON THE MAJORITY OF THE SURVEY if you think your going to be offended don’t read this. Just to put this  out there,  this is a JOKE and it  is not serious in any way. Please do not take it personally for what is being said a is not SERIOUS. We all walk into […]

TISA’s (not-so) Amazing Lunch


Lunch is such an important part of the day, especially for students. After a tiring morning of school with work, and work, and more work, I think that we can all agree that we deserve a quality lunch. Yep, lunch. Lunch is a meal eaten in the middle of the day, that is typically lighter […]

TISA, You’re Spoiling us


For almost every year before coming to TISA, I had one thing for lunch. A sandwich. Every single day it was the same sandwich. Now, I always enjoyed my daily ham and cheese sandwich, but after eating it for about nine or ten months in a row, I couldn’t help but think that maybe, somewhere […]

‘High quality Lunch’ they say


  Hm…When you hear the word lunch the first thing that comes to your mind is the meal after breakfast and before dinner. Lunch, in general, is a time of the day where you eat light food. At least for me, it is that way. I do not like heavy lunch because after having a […]

Escaped From “THE CANTEEN”


FOOD. Ahhh…. Paradise! Heaven! Everyone loves food, eating. But while mentioning it’s never mentioned; I like eating lunch, I like eating breakfast, I like eating dinner, and it’s just because everyone “WE LOVE EATING”. That’s how much we love food. But, mentally, lunch is the most important meal of the day to a human being […]

The school cafeteria has absolutely AWFUL lunch!


In most schools lunch is great and people happily wait in line knowing that the food was going to be good. But in TISA that is slightly different. By far Lunch is the best meal of the day, mainly because it could basically be anything ranging from a sandwich to pizza. However, this is certainly not the case […]

The lunch I adore – Formative


Up until I was about 6 I loved to eat school lunch and the aroma and fresh scent of the food reminded me of an ice cream stand on a summer day. Once when I was in P4 I was going to the lunch hall with all of my friends and there was an Item […]

Lunch at the 5 star TISA Lunch Hall


Lunch, What is lunch? Well lunch for me is the best time of the day because you get to sit down relax and have a nice meal with all of your friends. You also get to get out of class and have a brack for all of the school work you have been doing all day […]

TISA’s Dreadful Cafeteria


Lunch. Yes, I am talking about the meal eaten in the middle of the day, usually lighter and less formal than dinner, a later meal in the day. L-U-N-C-H, my favourite time of the day. Just under an hour and twenty minutes ago, I ate lunch at The International School of Azerbaijan with my best […]

What Have we Been Doing in English?


In my years of education, I don’t think any other English class I have had has even come close to how unique and different TISA’s English is on a regular basis. Once you take a step back and realize what we have been doing while in English, you start to notice how much variety there […]

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