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This is Just to Say …


This is just to say, I have stolen your homework. Forgive me, I just couldn’t tell Ms. Robin That I didn’t do my homework, For the 5th time in a row. I just couldn’t bear Having everyone laughing at me again Watching my face go bright red.   You took my place for me. You […]

Ode to My Pajamas


My mom bought me a set of pajamas. My muscles forced a smile on my face, But not a sign of joy appeared in my heart. The set was grey, dull grey. They were all wrinkled, And they looked far too big for me. Not one part of the set was I happy about. Not […]

What is Poetry.. to Me?


I love music, like many others. I love all the poetry in songs. But when it comes to short lines of words on a piece of paper that talk about something I’m not even interested in, it just feels like someone’s ripping my mouth open, making me yawn. And as for writing poetry, I haven’t […]



Time… how do you describe time? With words, words like…..“now.” Now. What am I doing right now?  I’m typing on my school laptop. I catch a glimpse over my laptop screen. Everyone else is typing. But now they’re not; they’re stopping to chat with each other. But now they are typing again. What is the […]

The S.R.A.


The SRA.. Everyone in TISA would know what it is. Everyone in TISA would’ve at least stepped a foot in it. (Except maybe not the primary kids) But do they know what it actually stands for?? I stop typing and I look up from my laptop. “You, you, and you..!” I pick the first 3 […]

2024.. When I Finish School…


I am currently twelve years old, but I’ll become thirteen in a month or so. And the twelfth year of my life hasn’t been all happy and fun. Of course, no one can always be happy and do things they like. But the problem is: the pile of homework, books, papers and pens stacked top […]



0126_001-25bjg5q Please click on the title, then on the link to view.



It was January 7th, 2018 when I first had to face it. The thing I have to face every day at lunchtime, now. Was it some kind of special day?? Yes. It was my first day at my new (but not-new-anymore) school, TISA. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. We were in […]

Word Count


The trailer of the film ‘Word Count’ is very interesting.  It shows a girl in a strange world, where words are seen in a bad way. She mentions that ‘Mama’ makes sure they don’t use too many words, to prevent fights. The mysterious plot leaves viewers with dozens of questions. What kind of world is […]

100 Word Challenge (The Light Blinded Him)


His feet were trembling on the wobbly chair, trying to keep him up on his tiptoes. His hands were holding tightly onto the windowsill. He didn’t dare move an inch, as the creek of the chair terrified him. The only thing he could see in there was plain darkness. “I’d never be able to find […]

All About Me!!


Hi, and welcome to my blog! My name is Seoyun and I am 12 years old. I am from South Korea, but I am living in Baku. I go to The International School of Azerbaijan. I have lived in 3 countries: Russia, Korea, and of course, Azerbaijan. And I have a family of four: my […]

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