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I’ve almost been to 24% of the world!


I have been travelling since I was really small. Almost every opportunity my family gets we would visit a new place. I have been to 47 countries out of the 195 countries that are classified as countries. I have seen so many great things that I will never forget. Perhaps the only continent I would […]

This is just to say


To Gene(rip his ipad)   This is just to say: I broke your ipad I put your ipad in the washing machine While watching my favorite movie Forgive me Although the movie was great.      

Ode to my shorts poem


Ode to my shorts:   My mum bought me some shorts, Black, slick and comfortable, Shorts as comfortable as a blanket. I slithered my legs into them as if They were a warm fire in the cold winter These shorts had a bumpy surface on the outside But what I love about these shorts Is […]

My encounter with a footballer!


After school, I went to my car and was on my way back home. I was well aware that the football team from Roma was coming to Baku. On my way back home we had to pass certain hotels like the Marriott. From far away I realised that there were some guys who were wearing […]

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French Bulldogs: The most dangerous dog in the world!


Most of you know who the dog in the picture above is. For those of you who don’t this is my dog Helga and she is a French Bulldog. This little adorable dog is very dangerous and must be avoided at all times, no dog is more dangerous than the Frenchie. To give you more information […]

My first Hand-Written blog!


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The school cafeteria has absolutely AWFUL lunch!


In most schools lunch is great and people happily wait in line knowing that the food was going to be good. But in TISA that is slightly different. By far Lunch is the best meal of the day, mainly because it could basically be anything ranging from a sandwich to pizza. However, this is certainly not the case […]

The Best Beaches In South America!


You probably don’t know much about Venezuela but if you do won’t know about Los Roques. Los Roques is an archipelago far from the coast of Venezuela. I have been to Los Roques many times and out of the 38 countries that I have visited, Los Roques has the best beaches. Out of South America […]

Word count movie trailer


As part of a task, we had to post about this Arabic movie trailer called word count. The trailer is about a little girl in a mysterious dystopian futuristic world where everyone has a limited amount of words in their whole lifetime. The little girl is called Noor, and she is haunted by her four last […]

The start of ski season


Every year you have to wait so long until you can ski again. You may be asking why I even bother skiing but I ski because it’s so fun, it is one of my favourite sports and I have been doing it since I was 6 years old. I have been skiing in many different […]

All about Oliver


My name is Oliver and I am half Scottish and half Venezuelan. I speak English and Spanish.   I am 13 years old and I have lived in many different countries around the world, I have lived in Trinidad and Tobago, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Scotland and now Azerbaijan. I am currently in m2 which is basically […]

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