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In my opinion, poetry is pretty boring, I really don’t know why though? For my birthday this year, my grandma gave me a poetry book, you can definitely tell she was a teacher! I read some of the books because I didn’t want to be rude and ignore her gift, it took me ages to figure […]

This Is Just To Say


This Is Just To Say I have borrowed Your favourite pencil Permanently   It’s a great pencil Writes really well   Forgive me I’ll give it back Once it’s got No more to write

What Would I Do If I Was Stuck In An Elevator With A Person I Dislike…


Everyone has at least one person they “hate”. Except me, I physically cannot hold a grudge against anyone. I don’t hate anyone. It’s a powerful word, use it right. No, nevermind I’m not actually that nice. I actually do hate someone, although I won’t name the person… for this post I will call him… Bob. […]

100WC …Red, Ladder, Sinking, Coins and Pavement…


It was one Saturday morning I was walking along the pavement, it was dead quiet, which was unusual. I heard footsteps, my head snapped to the left, then to the right then I spun round to see an untidy looking man with a tattered looking jacket hanging off him with coins jingling in his pocket. […]

Do We Need TAO?


Many people like to say TAO is a waste of time or a useless 40 minutes of our day, however, people are definitely entitled to have their own opinions, this blog post is just my thoughts about TAO. Now I’m in no way saying that I don’t appreciate the time and effort that goes into […]

Graduating in 2024?


“Now welcome the graduating class of 2024!”   It’s not that far away you know. Only 5 years or 59 months left. Some people are extremely excited about leaving school. They think that it means your freedom, and all positive thoughts and think that being a responsible adult is just living in la la land. […]



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TISA’s Questionable Lunch


I used to eat school lunch… keywords “used to”. When I was in P6, so I was about 9 years old. I don’t remember it being such a problem for me, I remember eating it thinking it wasn’t the greatest food in the world, but it wasn’t the worst. As the year progressed the canteen’s […]

100 WC … Fringe, Eggs, Black, Washed, Flickering…


After she put back her fringe before cooking her eggs she washed her hands and turned on the pan. She quickly went to let the dog outside. Her son walked into the kitchen and saw something flickering in the corner. He looked at the pan with the eggs and saw they were absolutely black. All […]

100 WC But how Could She Just Disappear


Can people just disappear? Of course, nothing’s impossible if you can dream it. It was a peaceful day in town, no one suspected a thing out of place, except her – she was a magician, she didn’t just practice magic she was the magic. Everybody knew she was different, but nobody could have predicted that […]

How to Be Nice


Many of my friends think I’m nice, kind and helpful. How about I teach you how to be nice don’t worry your learning from a professional.   Here are top nine tips on how to be nice: Smiling- Smiling at people lets them know that you are pleasant. Look the person in the eye and […]

All About Me!


Hello Reader! This is my all about me, basically a bunch of facts about my life. My name is Lucy  I am 13 years old and in M2 I am from Aberdeen, Scotland and Newcastle, England and Houston, Texas I have 5 people in my family, my Mum, Dad, Ben (brother) and Isabella (sister) I […]

100 WC The Light Blinded Him


The mysterious light creeping up from the stairs captured their attention. He went first only to see the light getting brighter and brighter as he came closer to the bottom. He heard a noise, a strange noise one that made him shiver. He looked up to see darkness, black, nothing. He glanced back up the […]

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