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What will the Future Hold?


Class of 2024 finally graduating everyone separating to different countries, different universities. Talking to each other but not like we use to being friends. laughing at each others’ jokes. But the only thing connecting us together is that one promise everyone made when they left in 20 years we will meet in Qalalti. And then disrupt the peace in that resort. Everyone was getting along with their lives in different countries.

As twenty years passed…..

They finally all remembered the promise they made so they all started booking tickets. Kolyn flying in her own jet. Well, I don’t think any of would imagine this but she became the new ruler of the Vietnamese communists. James riding with rocker black bike. All of our mouths open wide. Saying “Who is this” and “Wow James”. Lucy and Soha arriving in a Helicopter that is said to be stolen. What they have said is that they are a group of terrorists. Jamil and Novruz becoming (something I bet all of you expected) football players. Jamil playing for Juventus becoming the new Ronaldo and Novruz playing for PSG becoming the new Neymar Jr.  Disabled (Gene) becoming the most subscribed person on earth playing fortnight. But Disabled tried out for the Bayern Munich team but they rejected him, he lost every match he played but then he got good and created his own team using the money he has from youtube. We all know that Gene and Oliver were best friends. Will Gene becoming spoiled with all this money affect their friendship? It this affect their friendship. They first started as partners then Oliver mover to be the assistant then he becomes a simple worker. Now he is working for Gene as a plunger but instead of plunging the toilets someone plunges the toilets with Oliver’s head.

“Guys why did a truck from the psychiatric hospital just arrive outside the door?” I asked

Most of them then answered “I don’t know.”

Then we see Alicia coming out from the back of the truck. Her arms tied and unable to move. Then we all start laughing because out of all people Alicia was the one to become coo-coo. Then Alicia starts talking about how she turned in to this.

“so guys” she says ” I never wanted become this type of person. I think you remember that I like pink.”

“We do” we said

“So one day I stated thinking about pink and realised that there are thousands of pinks and that pink is everywhere that it is following me and I started stressing and freaking out. Then I started ripping all of the pink things away from my room. Then I had a seizure. After I woke I started ripping chunks of my hair out and mumbling something all the time which I didn’t know. So then I couldn’t deal with it any more and I got sent to a mental institution. But I got sent hear without my allowance so I started raging and that was the end of my life I got locked up in a cell with no windows or sharp edges so I wouldn’t hurt my self anyway.”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAha!!!!” We all started laughing

I cried with laughter “I just can’t, it’s just too funny”

“So I think two more people are supposed to come.”  said  Alicia “No three more are supposed to come, you stupid idiots” Kolyn replied “I think it is Mini, Seoyun and Zahra.” I said after.

Ok I think Zahra is arriving right now. Wait why is she in a barrage and why are white horses carrying her? That’s unfair I also want this life” said Lucy.

So then Soha started looking at Lucy with a disappointed face and said “so you don’t you don’t want be a terrorist with me, okay I will bomb cities on my own.

“Ok stop arguing no one is going to bomb anything, you’re irritating everyone including yourself. I swear none of us have changed we all are the same people we were when we left TISA”

“Zahra you finally came we were waiting for you.” I exclaimed

“Salve omnis est a voluptatem ad vos omnes”

What did you say?

Oopsie daisy, I forgot you don’t know Latin, Have I told you how import—-

“We don’t care about Latin Zahra” said Kolyn while rolling her eyes at her. As the conversation continued Zahra became the new Pope. She converted because she had explored every point, facts there was in the perspective she lived in. So someone joked “You should became the new Pope, hahah” Well of course Zara said “sure why not”. But it turned out good for Zara. It’s just all the boys started laughing when they saw Zahra carrying a bible with her and wearing a cassock. Seoyun and Mini were supposed to come together.

30 minutes passed as they reconnected again….

Well Seoyun turned from a well behaving child into a Demon her love for cats turned her to the wrong path she started selling kittens in the black market, and so far she has never been caught but the police. So of course she had start going around asking everyone “who wants a cat, i’ll make a sale 50%”. and guess who said they wanted the cat of course it was James, saying this makes me feel bad for the cat, because no one knows what he will do with that cutie. Seoyun was suggested the position of the supreme ruler in North Korea to become the next Kim Jong-un. but she declined the offer. Becoming the new Supreme leader of North Korea would make her go against everything important in her life, so she didn’t.

Finally Mini took over T-series and destroyed Pew Die Pie in their war of subscribers. she payed youtube and bribed them in to adding a couple of followers to T-series so they did. Because after all Mini is a good briber. Always bribing her classmates and ones even her university professor to get a higher grade. So basically now Mini became the easiest, self-absorbed person on this earth. Everyone got shocked when they saw Mini.

Then Disabled said “Wait, what about Harrish” and we all were like…

“Of course, how could we forget about him!”

So the Most important thing is that then James comes up to everyone and says so Harrish was, in my way when I was vandalising something, duh. I killed him. I’m sorry Harrish is gone. To some this day was an amazing day but to most a very painful day and unbearable day. Something we would remember for a long time. Even though people were sad. They very soon got over it. The pain was over so now it was time to have a party. I know everyone was happy that we promised each other we would meet. It was a very enjoyable but terrible day.

Reunion of “class of 2024” over!


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