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Most complicated history best friends can have…..


So when I was in P7 my teacher introduces this new girl to the class even though she will not join mine. I then realize it is Jamils cousin and he was in my class. There were two new Azeri girls joining after April. Zahra and Ayat. I knew Zahra since I was a child as we are family friends but Ayat, she was very mean to me even after I have treated her very greatly, as a close friend. She would always make me sad, but we got over it.

we got through the last couple of months and then…

P8! I returned late from the summer holidays. I was shocked that Ayat was happy to see me as we weren’t very close friends. In P7 Ayat, Zahra and I made a group and we always texted each other goofy thing. But then Zahra got put in the other class so we departed from her. We always stayed in on lunchtimes and she went outside (she was forced) so she had to make other friends. This brought me and Ayat together. But Ayat and I weren’t best friends yet. We always had stupid fights and arguments. The one thing that pissed me of about Ayat was that she hating apologizing so if did something wrong she knew it she would never say sorry.

as the year passed on…

we decided to work on a project together and of course, Ayat never did the work when she worked with so I took the pen that was next to her and then, we started arguing that “that’s my pen!” and “no, that’s my pen!”. So that resulted in us throwing highlighters and pencils across the room at each other. As that class period passed we then had five minutes before P.E. So Ayat created a document which said “I don’t want to be your friends anymore, we always argue, you never listen to me, I hate you” and on the bottom is said to sign if you don’t want to be friends with me and if you still want to be friends with me you won’t sign. At the moment I was so traumatized with what she said that I forgot what she said at the end, so I asked her again. So guess what she answered me. the opposite of what is written on the paper. So I signed the paper, believing what she said. The words that came out of her mouth made me start crying as I thought of her as my best friends and then she betrayed me. So I quickly took my clothes and went to P.E. In P.E. we were practicing our basketball shots, volleyball serves and badminton. When I was in the basketball rotation, Ayat was in the volleyball rotation. I wasn’t facing her so I didn’t see her. All of a sudden a ball hit my back, so I turn around to see who did that and I see Ayat holding a ball aiming at me. Well obviously I come up to her and tell her to leave me alone, but she doesn’t and throws another ball at me and starts laughing. Her laugh, oh my god, she laughs like a hyena, so I couldn’t resist and started laughing as well. After that, we came to class and started to write goofy but funny things on the document, which she gave me to sign. After that, she printed it to always remember that day and left it at the printer. So the next day we became friends again. What happened with the paper Ayat left on the printer… a mystery! A teacher found it… guess what happened. The other class’s teacher asked me to take a book and come with him, I had no clue why. After I came back, I was like “what happened while I was gone?”. Raul was sitting across me and he said someone wrote that they hate you on a paper and he started laughing. Straight away I looked at Ayat with a panicking and about to laugh face. So I went and told the teacher that I knew who it was and that it’s not important. He got so mad, very very mad. That his face nearly turned into a tomato. We then got into trouble for causing all of this and went to Mr. Haiwa’s office. SO after all of this mess, we called it “Signature”. Now, this day will always be remembered!


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