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I’ve almost been to 24% of the world!


I have been travelling since I was really small. Almost every opportunity my family gets we would visit a new place. I have been to 47 countries out of the 195 countries that are classified as countries. I have seen so many great things that I will never forget. Perhaps the only continent I would like to visit next is Africa, I have always asked to go to South Africa because my friends live their and I haven’t seen them in ages. The most recent new country that my family visited is Iceland. Iceland was amazing, and the number of things to do there was incredible. When I went their I went into a lagoon that was 30 degrees(Celsius), I remember falling asleep by the side and when I woke up I was almost drowning in the water. When Journeying you get to see many bizarre and strange things. I remember when we were travelling to Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean to see my cousins. The plane was 9 hours in out of the 11 and a half hour flight when the pilot made an announcement for everyone to fasten their seatbelts because the plane was going to go through a short period of turbulence. The plane was obviously huge but me and my family were in the middle aisle so what happened next was something that I will never forget. The plane was just starting to enter the turbulence. Just after a couple of seconds the plane sharply dropped for 2 seconds. In that time everyone who had coffee or any other drink they got the drink poured over them. It was like a slow motion effect. I see every drink rise in the air before crashing back down. It was funny because it was a perfect effect. I love travelling because you get to see so many things that are different from where you live.

For example, when I went to Singapore we stayed in a hotel with a huge boat over it. Yes, it was an actual boat!

Perhaps the best thing about travelling to different places is the food. Some places have slightly worse food but some places have the best food that you will ever eat. The reason I loved Singapore was that the food was insanely good. They had this Chinese dish called “Pao” which was so delicious that every morning I would wake up my parents and asking them can we eat Pao today? Pao is made out of some grain but has some meat inside. The flavour was sweet.

Travelling will inspire you, once you visit one place, you will want to visit another.

This is what “Pao” looks like:



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