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Dear English Teachers


Dear all (or most) of the English teachers of TISA,

Please make a new unit of actually doing nothing. We can learn about the essence of how to do nothing and I really do think that this will absolutely help us in our future life such as: Buying Groceries, Paying taxes, Driving a car, Buying Drugs secretly so the police won’t catch us (don’t do drugs), have a party with the hottest girl/boy in your college or neighbourhood or even get a degree in “Nothingness”. Having a unit about Nothing will boost our intelligence by 2 brain cells that will truly help us in subjects in school such as math and science and also PE. I do think it will especially help us in those pesky Criterion A tests. We really need that extra boost of motivation to study about baseball for that upcoming very intimidating test that everybody cares about in PE.

The art of nothing will help our minds develop and become more creative as we can produce beautiful pieces of art such as: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing and Nothing. I’m pretty sure that if we were allowed to go to the Oscars, we would win in every category because we mastered the art and spirit of “Nothing”. Stories would be made about you guys as you made up and taught us the art of “Nothing”. People will be so grateful that the wig on Donald Trump’s head would fall right off at the intensity of the subject. English will be revered as a master subject forever surpassing PE and Design. People will be so smart that by the time you make your next lesson, all wars will cease because people have finally realised how damn stupid they were after making a fuss like who has a bigger moose or people sneaking in nuclear bombs that could destroy an entire country. Think about it, the new unit “Nothingness” will profit you billions of dollars just by the thought of it. And guess what? We don’t have to do anything! We won’t annoy you, stress you out or eat in your class anymore, as long as you let us girls force all of the boys do all of our homework we will be nice star students.

From the most amazing student that definitely is not crazy in any way possible,
























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“Dear English Teachers”

  1. March 11th, 2019 at 10:47 am       rcarnegy Says:

    This is inspired, Kolyn, some amazing writing in here. I would love to experiment one day and tell my students that ‘today we will do nothing’ and see how long it takes for someone to start actually doing ‘something.’ I bet it wouldn’t take long. Or maybe everyone would just go to sleep. That would be amazing as well.

  2. March 11th, 2019 at 8:32 pm       laszlo2024 Says:

    But aren’t you doing something by trying to do nothing?

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