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Why are there so many summatives? 😒😒😒😒


So every week before a big holiday like Winter, Novruz or summer there are soo many summatives. For example next week we have 4 summatives due and 2 of them are the size of essays and 1 of them is a test. I mean I get that we need to hand in all of the work but come on really why is there so many summatives in one week. There should be a rule that there is a maximum of 2 summatives per week because this is just getting ridiculous. There should not be this much stress on 12 to 13-year-olds and especially when most likely it will not even change the course of our life. If you don’t believe me ask Ms Carnegy; she told me in class that grades don’t really matter until you reach M4 it just a matter of getting your parents to believe you.

I get that teachers need grades for report cards and everything but I really do not get why they can’t space out the summatives so that we have less stress. During these summative weeks, I get really stressed out and I am not able to focus and sometimes I hand in my work in a little late. I really don’t like it when this happens because I can’t focus on one thing and I get really clueless because there are so many things to work on in such a short time frame.

I really hope that next year all of the teachers take into consideration that the number of summatives we get can affect the work we put out. It can affect us because there is soo much work we need to rush some things so that we can get the work done for other classes as well. It will not matter if they do or not because I am not here so it will be someone else problem so haha. But seriously I think that all of the teachers should reduce the number of summatives they give right before the holidays. I would just like to say if they do not change the amount of work they give out to students than I will feel bad for all of the students that get stuck with it (JK😂).

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“Why are there so many summatives? 😒😒😒😒”

  1. March 11th, 2019 at 10:51 am       rcarnegy Says:

    You make some good comments here, truth be told I don’t like that all the summatives come at the same time either. It’s tough because it takes 6-8 weeks for us to teach everything and you can’t really do the summative until the topic has been taught. But we do try and give you lots of in class time to work on it, so hopefully that helps

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