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Stuck in an elevator with a person I hate!!!


So there is this kid in my class and he is a really strange kid. We were both really good at ping pong and we ended up making the CEESA team and we travelled to Toad Suck, Arkansas. We avoided each other on the way we mostly sat as far away as possible and our hotel rooms were also on opposite ends of the hotel. One night we were both going down to the lobby to steal drinks from the unattended bar and we both entered the elevator at the same time. It was quite a strange feeling being within 1 meter of him because it was a small elevator and it was quite dim. Then all of a sudden the elevator stopped between the 1 and the second floor. We started to shout for help then we realised that it was the middle of the night and everybody would be sleeping. So we sat there I started the conversation and said “we this is just great” in a sarcastic manner. He replied, “yep we will probably be here till morning.” We sat there for a bit talking to each other about the ping pong tournament and what place we would come and who is the better player. roughly an hour had passed and we started to worry because we were both starving and we were really tired however we did not want to be asleep in case someone came. So I said to him “you go to sleep now and I will wake you up in 1 hour is that ok”. He replied with a “yes, I will sleep in this corner.” He went to sleep but little did he know that I was starving as I did not eat for 30 hours so when he went to sleep I pulled off the railing and knocked him out stone cold. I was a gory sight to see hut it had to be done. I ate every part of him so there was no evidence left. Then just as I had finished him off the elevator started to work again and finally after 6 gruesome tiering hours stuck in a small, confined dim elevator I finally got out.

This is not a true story and will most likely never happened however it would be very strange if it did. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you don’t get stuck in an elevator with me.

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“Stuck in an elevator with a person I hate!!!”

  1. March 11th, 2019 at 8:40 pm       laszlo2024 Says:

    I was going to try and comment something relatable or empathetic, but then I finished reading.

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