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My encounter with a footballer!


After school, I went to my car and was on my way back home. I was well aware that the football team from Roma was coming to Baku. On my way back home we had to pass certain hotels like the Marriott. From far away I realised that there were some guys who were wearing the Roma Hoodies over their head. Just so happened they were three of the Roma team. I was startled at first and I asked my mum to stop the car to the side. The footballers were walking on their way back to the Mariott and I identified them both when I saw them on the side of the street. The two footballers were Radja Nangoilann from Belgium and Edin Dzeko. Both are famous footballers and star players for their teams. I asked them if I could get their autographs and a picture and they agreed. I was happy because I only know them when I am watching football on the TV and they were way taller in person. My mum took a photo of me with the two footballers. I was so happy and very surprised that I found them walking on the streets of Baku. Baku is a place that most people have never known or heard of like when I left Scotland all my friends asked me where are you moving to. I answered that I was going to Baku in Azerbaijan. They never heard of Baku and they pretended how that was so cool and lucky. Anyway, after meeting the footballers, the actual match between Roma and Qarabag was the day after so I knew that I was fortunate to have met those two footballers.

However, after the game in which Qarabag lost 2-1 to Roma, my family was starting to leave but I realised that we were in the stands that the Rome players were close to. They were leaving the field when Edin Dzeko recognises me and waves. I look behind me to see if he was waving at somebody else before realising that he must have recognized me and so after an awkward pause I waved back.

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“My encounter with a footballer!”

  1. March 12th, 2019 at 8:24 am       Gene Says:

    nice one

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