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My Encounter With A Celebrity. (both perspectives)


Hello, my name is Gene Kleinmann and in this blog post, the topic we will be talking about is “my encounter with a celebrity”.


Perspective 1, My perspective

One day during summer vacation in 2018 I was shopping with my family wearing my South Korean football kit with Heung Min Son on the back of my shirt. Hueng min son is a South Korean footballer who plays for South Korea and Tottenham Hotspurs. He is also one of the best wingers around the world. We were just walking around looking for stuff that interested us until I saw somebody inside of a store, he looked a bit familiar to me so I decided to go inside of the store. I walked through the door and then I saw him, It was the exact footballer that was on the back of my shirt, I could not believe that my favourite Korean footballer was at the same store as I was. I wiped my eyes to see if what I was looking at was real. Then I got really nervous and shy, I sprinted to the kid’s section of the clothes store and hid behind a chair. I thought to myself if he was a nice guy, what would the footballer do. I was thinking about so many things I did not realise he was about to leave. Then I saw that he was starting to go. I took a deep breath and made my way towards him. I said hello, asked him a couple of questions I have always wanted to ask him. Finally, after our long conversation, I asked if we could take a photo together and if he could sign the back of my shirt. After that moment I was extremely happy and could not believe how lucky I was to meet one of my favourite footballers ever. I was so lucky to be wearing a shirt of a footballer and then soon meeting him. I am very happy I met him because he is one of my favourites and he is a very very very nice guy.

Related image

this is a picture of him scoring an amazing goal vs Chelsea(sorry Liam). 

Perspective 2, Heung Min Sons perspective(footballer for Tottenham).


Sunday morning, after a long week of training with my two teams Tottenham Hotspurs and South Korea I decided to go to one of my favourite shops to get some new clothes. I arrived at the store, I started off by looking through the jacket section of the store where I found a blue jacket that looked very nice so I added that to my basket. Then I decided to get some shoes but while walking to the shoe section I saw a young boy who was wearing a shirt with my name on the back of it. I thought to myself “he must be a fan of me”. I wanted to approach him and say hi but then I decided to continue shopping as he was probably going to realise me since we are in the same shop. A couple of minutes later the young boy I saw came to me, He introduced himself and started to talk about football with me. It was a pretty good conversation and I was having a pretty good time talking to him. I asked him if he played football and he said “yes”, so I decided to give some tips If he ever wants to become a professional like me. Finally, he asked if he could take a photo with me and I did, and he asked if I could sign the back of his shirt which I also did. At the end, I was very happy to meet a fan who was very nice.


Thank you guys for stopping by and reading my blog post. See you next post.


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“My Encounter With A Celebrity. (both perspectives)”

  1. March 11th, 2019 at 10:46 am       oliver2024 Says:

    You were lucky to meet such a good footballer but where did you meet him?

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