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The end of the Ski season


It is the 1st of March and the snow is beginning to melt and the days are getting longer and hotter. The rivers are starting to flow again and the animals are coming out. But the only thing that’s not coming out for another year is skiing. It has been a short season this year and there have only been 2 big snowfalls. One in December and one in the beginning in February. This year there has been another ski team and it was probably one of the best years yet. There were the most people ever that turned up and the skiing was amazing. I had made so much progress and finally got the 5-star technique badge in my skiing.

I am sad that the ski season will not come around for another year and that I will not be able to ski for that long. I have had such an amazing time skiing with all of my friends and family and I hope that I continue to ski and that I can only get better. The season is still not over for me though because I have one 4 day trip planned to go to Georgia where there is powder that is up to your stomach. I am really looking forward to this trip as it will be the ending to my 2018-19 ski season and I hope that I have a great time there.

I know that not everybody likes to ski or at least does not miss it over the summer however I am not one of those people I am so hyped up on the weeks to the ski season as I have not skied in a while. The moment that I miss the most when I ski is the feeling of soaring over the snow and when you go off a jump and the feeling when you are in the air it feels like all of your problems have been lifted from your shoulders. I also miss just the enjoyability of skiing and the good time I have with my friends in the hotel and on the mountain.

I will really miss the ski season over the long summer and I hope that I will get the opportunity to go skiing next year as I love to do it. I hope you enjoy skiing as much as I do and that you miss it over the year. I can’t wait for next season I am already getting hyped up about it and I hope that when my season ends I will be able to say a proper goodbye.

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