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The lunch I adore – Formative


Up until I was about 6 I loved to eat school lunch and the aroma and fresh scent of the food reminded me of an ice cream stand on a summer day. Once when I was in P4 I was going to the lunch hall with all of my friends and there was an Item on the menu it was a  shwarma. So being the naturally curious person I am I decided to try it for the first time. When I walked up to the stand where they served the food the scent of the food was not as elegant and delicious it was new and I could not tell if I liked it or now like when you get new shoes without knowing it’s hard to tell if you like them or not. But seeing as I had already paid I had to get it because I forgot breakfast that day and I was absolutely exhausted and need something to fill me up. So I got it and went to have a seat with all of my friends. I took one colossal bit out of it and I immediately hurled it all over the table and the person in front of me. I was flabbergasted I have never had anything that bad before it was like prison food. I was rushed to the infirmary and sent home for 1 week due to food poisoning.

Ever since this accident occurred I have been eating packed lunch and I have not touched a school lunch since. I miss the aromatic smell of the school lunch and how I used to adore it. Now I am seating a sandwich every day and really I am happy. I love it when my mama makes me lunch because it is always the best. My typical lunch includes a sandwich of pickle or cheese or tuna. I love tuna the most though because of the scent and the way it feels in your mouth it is like ice cream melting in your mouth and I taste so elegant. Then I will have a packet of crisps now these can vary because when my mam is away my dad takes us to the shop to buy local crisps however when my mam is here I get crisps from England. These can include salt and vinegar (walers), ASpace invader, or monster munch. Depending on what type of crisps I get it will change what I do with them sometimes I put them in my sandwich and eat the leftover however sometimes I just eat them separately. This is what I typically have for lunch an I know it does not seem like a lot but it gives me enough energy to last the day and it tastes amazing.

I don’t think that I will ever eat school lunch again after the incident in P4 and yes it was a long time ago however it was very traumatising for me. So overall I love the food I eat for lunch and I hope that I am never sick from it and get sent home for a week.

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