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TISA’s Dreadful Cafeteria


Lunch. Yes, I am talking about the meal eaten in the middle of the day, usually lighter and less formal than dinner, a later meal in the day. L-U-N-C-H, my favourite time of the day.

Just under an hour and twenty minutes ago, I ate lunch at The International School of Azerbaijan with my best friends at the end table next to the stage. I ate pesto pasta that my mum made in the morning for me and my siblings. It was really funny because my mum was leaving early for the gym and had to get ready and she asked us if we would eat school lunch and we all said nooooo. This is because we don’t like the food that the school gives us. It a waste of money and food because of me and my sister never it.  

To be honest the Cafeteria is like a horse stable compared to other CEESA schools which have luxurious eating places. We eat 180 days of the school in a cafeteria, but there’s not even enough space to sit all 300 kids of secondary school, so people have to sit upstairs in SRAA. Our eating space is tight, squashed with thin long tables one after another, giving you the feeling as if you are in some sort of detention camps. The only slightly “cool” or interesting thing about our cafeteria is the ticket machines. But there are only two and about 175 kids that need to eat lunch which causes huge lines and chaos. The food that you have to line up for is not even good, it’s like a prison serving because they just slap the half liquid potatoes on your plate then hand it to you.

Anyway, to stop  explaining  our dreadful cafeteria, let’s talk about how clean, hygienic, delicious and  organised spaces my old school  cafeteria  was.  My old school served food that was amazing, it had salad bars, fresh hot food that was from a variety of countries, not just Azeri and organised seating areas. There was a hall for people that had home lunch then connected to it was the cafeteria and another small hall was people sat if they had school lunch. The best part was the fresh warm bread that the cafeteria made. It was free  for school lunch  people so, I would ask  my friends that ate from the school cafeteria to bring me one because they were so amazing!! I loved the cafeteria but I always ate home lunch that my mum made.

Concluding this “Lunch Report”, I think that our cafeteria really needs to up its facilities, food choices, spaces and variety to meet everybody’s expectations.

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“TISA’s Dreadful Cafeteria”

  1. February 22nd, 2019 at 10:37 am       daniel2024 Says:

    When was the last time you had school lunch?
    Some of the foods (rarely) are okay. Why don’t you mention some of the qualities?

  2. March 11th, 2019 at 11:34 am       rcarnegy Says:

    No school lunch is ever that good. At least the food is cheap – I think it would be nice if lunch was a whole hour long, and then we wouldn’t have to eat so fast.

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