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Harrish is one of my closest friends. I first met him when I was in P4. We have been friends for the past 7 years. He is from South India. We always sit together at lunch and we never leave one another behind. We always work together in class he is like a mad genius because of how smart I am and I am like the noble scribe.

The first year I met Harrish we were mutual friends and didn’t really know each other that well due to us being in separate classes. He seemed like a really nice/cool kid. His football skills were amazing so we started to play together however we still weren’t that close.

When P5 came around we started to become much closer friends because we were in the same class. We worked together and played football at the break. We would always sit down together at lunch and snack. We had the most fun and managed to learn new things all the time.

When P6 came around we got separated into different classes again. This kind of set us back into the same place we were in P4. We went back to being mutual friends and I got into a different friend group as did he. That year we did not spend the most time together.

The same thing happened in P7 where we were not in the same class and I think this pushed us further away as we did not spend as much time together. We would only really talk during break and lunch. This was the year we were the furthest apart.

When P8 came around we were back in the same class and were good friends again and we would sit together whenever we had the chance because of the arranged seats. We talked a lot and got in trouble sometimes. However, we still managed to get top grades in most of our classes.

When the first year of middle school came around we were in the same class and still friends. This is when we all started to get addicted o computer games because we got our own computers to take home so we would take them home and play a game called zombs royale.

Now we are in M2 we spend a lot of time together in almost all of our classes except for foreign languages. We work on many different projects together. When we play football he is in goals and I am an attacker. sometimes I score sometimes he saves them. I hope we are in the same class again next year if I am here.

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  1. February 22nd, 2019 at 10:55 am       daniel2024 Says:

    You described your friendship with Harrish in a detailed and chronological manner. I think you brought out some of your voice, but not all of it. You should try to add some more emotion to your writing.

  2. February 25th, 2019 at 10:50 am       Hurikuri Says:

    Yep so true, I wish we could have been in the same class the whole time. Though we have been together for a consecutive three years. Exciting being with you 🙂

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